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We hear it all the time, "Why go to a chiropractor?", "Does Chiropractic work?", "Is it safe?"  

Well, seeing is believing so this is a case gallary showing actual chiropractic cases.  Everything we do in this office is based on sound objective criteria; that's why we get results - that's why our patients achieve their health goals!

Female, 11 Years Old 

She suffered of headaches.  Several years before, she was involved in a minor car accident that resulted in daily headaches and neck pain.  After no x-rays and exceeding her maximum lifetime dosage of Tylenol in 1 year at the recommendation of the doctors at the hospital, her mother (a nurse at the same hospital) sought chiropractic help as a last resort.

Her 1st x-ray shows a 36mm anterior weight bearing which is stretching her spinal cord and putting serious pressure on her brain stem. The second x-ray shows her cervical spine after 90 days of being adjusted and having therapy 3 times per week.  Her symptoms were completely gone at this point, but her spine was only 50% corrected.  The last x-ray was taken after approximately 12 months. She was then being adjusted once every 2 weeks. No Tylenol or headaches for over 9 months!

Male, 34 Years Old

He was experiencing almost 20 years of low back and leg pain that was getting more frequent and more severe as the months went on.

The first x-ray was on day 1, and shows a large left lumbar translation (red line), early disc degeneration, and bone spurring (degenerative bone and disc disease).  Just like with all of the other chiropractors he had seen over the years, his pain was gone after about 2 weeks of adjustments, but it took a full 12 months to correct his spine 100% (the second x-ray).

Male, 48 Years Old

He is an avid golfer and knew he was in trouble when his mid-back and shoulders were causing enough pain that it kept from from the green.

His first x-ray (day 1) shows a large left thoracic translation, lumbar disc degeneration as well as bone spurring.  It took only 45 visits or roughly three months to improve his curve, completely halt his degeneration and improve his golf swing, speed and overall endurance.

 Female, 32 Years Old

She had suffered from Asthma her entire life and her breathing became more difficult as the years went on.  Out of frustration she asked her doctor to help her find an alternative to her medications.  She did not know what a chiropractor would have to do with asthma.  Her first set of x-rays clearly show Subluxations located along the thoracic and lumbar spine.  3 months into her treatment, her asthma was better by 70% and her energy levels almost doubled. 

Male, 28 Years Old

He presented with chronic back pain, hip pains and severe leg cramping.  Years prior he was involved in high impact sports including Football, Soccer and collegiate rugby.  Tired of self-medicating and worried about his future health, he asked for help!

His first x-ray demonstrated a significant thoracic shift or curve to the right side of his body.  The second x-ray shows his spine after 15 months of being adjusted.  His symptoms have shifted from excruciating sharp shooting pain to a dull ache, but feels better than he's felt in a long time.


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